Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of heating oil does your company sell?

We sell top quality major brand products distributed by the Buckeye Energy pipelines of the Lehigh Valley.

How can you sell for less than other fuel distributors?

By having a unique optimum method of distributing fuels that has been in place for decades. This keeps our prices low and saves you, the consumer, dollars.

When I order fuel, will the price fluctuate by the time the fuel is delivered?

No. When your order is placed online, the price is locked in.

What is the minimum amount of gallons I can order?

The minimum order is 150 gallons, depending on the distance from our bulk plant. Orders of less than 150 gallons are possible under certain circumstances. This must be arranged by phone and a $40 surcharge is added.

How long does it take to deliver the fuel after ordering?

Most orders are delivered within 3 business days. However, when demand is high, delivery can take up to 5 business days. Examples …

  • A long period of severe cold weather
  • Snow
  • Ice on roads and driveways
  • High winds that down trees or power lines

Keep in mind, one of the most difficult tasks of this industry is dealing with inclement weather. The distribution process slows down. We ask for your patience when this happens. A good rule of thumb is to notify us when your fuel tank is at, or slightly above 1/4 and place your order.

What should I do if I have no heat in my house?

There are a number of things to check…

  • If your tank is in the basement, see what the gauge is reading.
  • If your tank is in the ground with the fill pipe straight down into the tank, use the measuring stick to read the oil level. If it’s less than 3 – 4 inches, you’re out of oil. The fuel lines are installed in the top of the tank and don’t reach the absolute bottom.

If you find you’re out of oil, you can put 5 – 10 gallons of kerosene or diesel fuel (purchase at your local gas station) in your tank to hold you over till the next business day. Then, we will be able to make a delivery.

Once you get oil, you must do the following to get the burner started… Press the reset button located on the primary control on your burner.

  • Some buttons are red. These you have to press and release to re-start the unit.
  • Other units have a blinking light on them. In this case, hold the button in for 30 – 45 seconds and release to re-start the unit. Newer units have buttons that have to be held for up to 90 seconds.

If you have a single line from the tank to the unit, and it still won’t start, you may have air in the line and need to purge it.

  • Open the bleed port on the burner until air is expelled and there is a steady stream of oil.
  • Repeat re-set.

If you have an underground tank with a two line system, it will purge itself automatically when re-set.

If the above steps don’t work, check if the furnace / boiler has power…

  • Some units have a fuse on the side of the unit or above it on the floor joists. If the fuse is blown, replace it and try to re-start the unit.
  • If there is no fuse, check the circuit breaker panel. If the breaker is tripped, reset it. Then, try to re-start the unit.

If your furnace or boiler starts and shuts off on safety mode, DO NOT RESET IT AGAIN. Call your service company to troubleshoot the problem.

Steam units:

If you have a steam boiler, there is a glass site gauge to show how much water is in the unit. The water level should be 1/2 to 2/3 full. If the water level is too low, the low water cut-off keeps the boiler from starting as a safety feature. Add water till the correct level shows in the site gauge. If this was the problem, the boiler will start.

I was out of oil and received my delivery. How do I start my unit?

If you’re home at the time of delivery, the driver can bleed the air out of the system and get it started for you. There is a $20 service charge. Otherwise, see the instructions in the answer to the previous question.

Do you sell other products?

Yes, we sell off road diesel fuel, kerosene and additive for the tanks.

What if my heating unit breaks down during the winter season?

If you don’t have a service company, we can direct you to a HVAC company that will take care of your problem, provided you are a regular customer of R. R. Cortazzo Oil. They are a sister company, set up to provide emergency and routine HVAC service.

Do you give free estimates on replacing furnaces, boilers, tanks and other related items?

Yes. We will come out to your residence or business and give you a quoted contract.

Do you offer automatic delivery service at the same low price?

Absolutely. That’s the best way to have your fuel delivered because it guarantees you’ll never run out of oil.

Do you offer budget payments?

Yes. We have an 11 month plan to alleviate the high peak season bills usually received during the winter months. This plan starts July 1st and runs till May 1st of the following year.

What forms of payment can I use?

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and Paypal.

Do you offer discounts for large quantity orders?

Yes we do. Please call the office for information.

Do you accept heating assistance payments?

Yes. We accept LIHEAP Heating Assistance for those customers who apply and are approved.

If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.